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If you're trying to follow the dietary guidelines of the OMS Recovery Programme, you could be forgiven for thinking that you'll never set foot in a supermarket again! Or worse, you may be thinking that the diet is impossible to follow, too expensive, or too time-consuming.

I've found that - much to my surprise - those fears turned out to be largely untrue. I've definitely had to reduce my reliance on processed food and make more of my own "real food", and that means more time in the kitchen, but it generally costs much less. And the good news is that ordinary supermarkets - as well as health food shops of course - have lots of ready-made products that can make life easier and meals tastier. 

I'll be posting yummy, useful and 100% OMS-compliant foods here that I've found in British* supermarkets like Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose as well as high street health food shops. Please send me details of anything similar you find, preferably with a photo, price, and where you found it. 

*Apologies to readers from other countries, I simply don't have the resources to search wider.

OMS-friendly Foods

Oatly original organic oat drink- at last a milk substitute with no added oils!
I really struggle to find milk alternatives that don't have added oils.
The problem with added oils in processed foods is they're almost certain to have been heated during the manufacturing process, and as Prof Jelinek points out, when you heat fats you change their chemical structure, creating harmful "altered fats" or even trans-fatty acids.

This stuff tastes good in tea and is also very low in saturates: just 0.1g sat fat per 100ml.

Look out for the beige carton marked "The Original" and "Organic", otherwise you may get a version with oils sneaked in.

New Covent Garden brings out new low-sat soup with no added oils!

This winter warmer is slightly naughty as it contains chicken, which makes the saturates content even more amazing: just 0.3g per half carton!
I love the fact that has no added oils and is dairy-free, gluten-free and, with a couple of rice cakes, makes a filling instant meal for cold nights. The combination of chicken and lentils makes it high in protein and the seasonings satisfy my cravings for spicy food without blowing my head off! 

Found it in Morrisons for £2.00, 1 carton serves 1-2, depending on how hungry you are.

NB: I don't get paid anything by anyone for any of the content of this blog.

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